Fake Pocket Proxe (bundle of 50)

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Rebranding note: Proxes will be updated with the new InterVarsity branding over the next semester, but the overall design of each one will not change, so please feel free to order them when you need them for your NSO or outreach events.

Talk to people about how they see their peers "faking it" on your campus overall, in their own lives, and how they fake it in other areas of life, like emotions and spirituality. On the front of the Pocket Proxe, participants select photos that represent how people fake it the most on campus. Then, they choose a mood they personally hide most often. Flipping the Pocket Proxe over, participants read a biblical story about being real, then discuss how being real with God can change their lives.

5" x 7", glossy cardstock, double-sided.

Hard copy of Pocket Proxe script not included in purchase; download the free script (Word).

Fake Pocket Proxe (bundle of 50)

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