Aradhna Namaste Saté CD

Aradhna Namaste Saté CD

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Music CD with South Asian-Western fusion songs in Hindi and other languages. Product will be discontinued Oct. 31, 2018


The audio CD includes the following 11 songs, which you can also preview or buy on iTunes:
Track 1: Mukteshwar (see first video below to listen to the song)
Track 2: Holy River (see second video below to listen to the song, which is in English/Marathi languages)
Track 3: Yeshu Bhajan
Track 4: Namaste Saté (see third video below to listen to the song)
Track 5: Suralata
Track 6: Asatyo Mahethi
Track 7: Chosen (English/Marathi languages)
Track 8: Yeshu Muktinath
Track 9: Yapudhe
Track 10: Herana (a Christmas song in Nepali)
Track 11: Apané Logo

Lyrics and translations are online.

"As is true of every Aradhna album, Namaste Saté is a study in contrasts, featuring eastern and western instrumentation, Hindi and English lyrics, ancient texts and modern beats, and soothing, contemplative whispers and soaring, post-rock crescendos. While Aradhna’s musical approach remains as searching and eclectic as ever, the new album features a more rock-oriented approach than 2007’s Amrit Vani. 'Yapudhe' sounds like what might have happened if U2 had been raised in New Delhi instead of Dublin, and the title track employs the trademarked slow build of post-rock giants such as Sigur Ros and Mogwai. 'Suralata' even mixes in a little Eagles country rock.

However, longtime fans of Aradhna need not fear. The foundation of Aradhna’s music remains the music of India’s devotional past and present, and sitars and tablas are still the dominant instruments. Those who treasure Aradhna’s albums for their commitment to classical Indian music will find much to love. Those who come looking for a contemplative worship experience will find music to soothe their souls. And those who cherish soaring, post-rock crescendos may find a new band to champion. Jonsi and his Icelandic falsetto have got nothing on Chris Hale and his soulful Hindi vocals." - from Aradhna's website

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Holy River

Namaste Saté

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Aradhna Namaste Saté CD

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