Coming to America / Returning to Your Home Country (each)

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This double-sided booklet helps international students understand the cultural adjustments of coming to America and the unexpected challenges of returning home. Makes a great gift to new international students!

Many international students experience negative emotions during their transition to American culture and have difficulty understanding what they are going through. When they return home, they do not expect to have similar emotions and are not prepared for the changes. This double booklet by Lisa Espineli Chinn addresses both needs. The Coming to America section identifies the stages of transition (along the w-curve graph) and provides responses that can help improve the process.

Flip the booklet over and the Returning to Your Home Country section provides early preparation for reentry, which can reduce reverse culture shock. No Christian teaching is included in the 32 page booklet, so it can potentially be used for training at public or secular private universities (a short list of additional reentry resources for Christians is clearly marked in one place).

A downloadable PDF version of this booklet is also available.

Booklet size 3.5 x 5 inches
ISBN 978-0-9835848-2-7
Retail price $1.79

Both Sides of the Double Booklet

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