Red Cup Pocket Proxe (bundle of 50)

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Rebranding note: Proxes will be updated with the new InterVarsity branding over the next semester, but the overall design of each one will not change, so please feel free to order them when you need them for your NSO or outreach events.

Engage students in conversations about the physical and internal thirsts we all have, how we try to quench them ourselves, and what God has to do with it. The front of the Pocket Proxe asks participants to identify the main thirst they see students trying to satisfy on campus, and then respond to the same question for themselves personally. The back of the Pocket Proxe brings the discussion around to Jesus as the "living water" and how he quenches our deep thirsts.

5x7, glossy cardstock, double-sided.

Hard copy of Pocket Proxe script not included in purchase; download the free script (Word).



Red Cup Pocket Proxe (bundle of 50)

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