3x3 Quick Guide Sampler Pack (bundle of 10 different 3x3s)

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This is a great gift for someone who is new to international student ministry (ISM). It includes each of the ten different brochure-sized 3x3s that provide a super-quick intro to an ISM topic. It's like a "sampler platter" so you can see each of the 3x3s before deciding on which ones to order in larger quantities. You can also send this to key ministry partners, like churches, donors, and volunteers.

Three-by-threes are bite size resources that give you and your students tips and tools to engage international students. Each includes 3 important facts to know, 3 common mistakes to avoid, 3 suggested activities to try on campus, plus suggested resources to help you learn more. You can also download or view each quick guide online (staff login required for some).



3x3 Quick Guide Sampler Pack (bundle of 10 different 3x3s)

Product Reviews

Written by Joel Otero on Nov 16th 2021

Great Resource

These are great starters that give simple effective data points that help someone get started and generate curiosity for more.