Scripture Memory Playing Cards

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This deck of Scripture Memory Playing Cards work as flash cards but also let you share Bible verses with friends while playing card games! The verses on all 54 cards are in English, Spanish, and simplified Chinese.

These make great gifts! Consider giving them:

  • As thank you gifts to student leaders, volunteers, prayer/financial supporters, and other ministry partners
  • To earnest seekers, new Christians, your small group, and those you are discipling or teaching
  • To graduating or departing students and alumni
  • As Christmas presents to friends, family, and employees you know at businesses you frequent
  • To housekeeping staff (along with your tip) when you stay at a hotel


  • Memorizing Scripture allows you to meditate on and share God’s Word anytime, anywhere, even during emergencies.
  • The cards include many favorite verses and cover dozens of important Bible topics like anxiety, loneliness, hope, priorities, perseverance, and justice.
  • Scripture passages are intended to be encouraging to both Christians and non-Christians and potentially lead to spiritual conversations.
  • Those needing extra stimulus can review the Bible verses while playing solitaire or other card games.
  • The suit of hearts presents the gospel message in the 13 Bible passages shown on the ace through the king (in that order).
  • Each suit is a unique color so you don't mix up hearts and diamonds or spades and clubs. Cards are 2.5 x 3.5 inches (“poker size”).
  • They are low cost. Similar sets of color-printed Scripture memory cards often sell for $11 to $28, but they only include verses in one language and aren’t designed to also work as playing cards.

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Scripture Memory Playing Cards

Product Reviews

Written by Michael on Feb 10th 2023

Scripture memory playing cards

This deck of cards is perfect for reaching people with the truth of God’s word one verse at a time. Each verse is printed in English, Spanish and Chinese which are the 3 most common languages where we live. They are exactly as they were represented on the website, and delivery was quick! I purchased 2 decks of cards but will definitely need more soon as there are so many people I would want to give them to.

Written by Larry Fleming on Mar 31st 2020

Playing Cards

I haven’t had time to use them.