Connecting with Muslim International Students Booklet

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“Back home, I was curious about Jesus, but didn’t have the chance to learn. Now that I’m here, I can! Can we get coffee and talk?” - A newly arrived international student

Muslim international students on US campuses come from a wide variety of rich cultures. They are their nations’ future leaders in industry, government, and society. While here they are curious to build new friendships and explore new ideas. How should Christians respond? 

This guide has condensed our best ministry material into a simple, beautifully-designed handbook. Packed with cultural keys, tips, and practical ministry ideas, Connecting with Muslim International Students is a start-to-finish guide answering questions like:

  • How can I build genuine friendships with Muslim students?
  • What should I know about Muslim cultures and Islam to get started?
  • In what ways does Christian-Muslim history influence our present?
  • How can I express Jesus’ love and truth?
  • What does it look like to study Scripture with Muslims?
  • How can I help Muslims become followers of Jesus and grow in faith?
  • What does it take to prepare internationals to return home well?




Paul Forrester has ministered among Muslims since the early 2000s, both internationally and in the USA. His journey involves student dorms, studying at an Islamic university, drinking lots of strong coffee, and making every mistake in the book. Paul studied at Fuller Theological Seminary and currently serves in campus ministry with InterVarsity helping Christians and Muslims connect meaningfully.



"A Muslim scholar and friend, having just come back from a Muslim-Christian interfaith conference, once asked me: ‘Why are Christians so shy with their testimony about Jesus? As Muslim participants at the conference we were very clear about our testimony to Prophet Muhammad’s greatness. But Christians were so shy to tell us what they really believed about Jesus that I had to stand up and affirm my faith in Jesus and declare how great He was. Us Muslims believe in Jesus, it seems, more convincingly than Christians!’ Indeed, as Christian scholars and leaders, we have sometimes become so ‘politically correct’ that we have forgotten that our witness to Christ is the heart of our discipleship. This handbook for Christian ministry rectifies this misbehavior in the best possible way. It is comprehensive, accurate, sensitive, respectful, gracious, and faithful to Christ’s calling on the lives of those who would claim to be his followers. Well done, InterVarsity team! This handbook is a great service rendered to Christ’s Church throughout the world!"

Dr. Martin Accad, Middle Eastern scholar and author of Sacred Misinterpretation: Reaching Across the Christian-Muslim Divide and The Religious Other: A Biblical Understanding of Islam, the Qur’an and Muhammad



  • Paperback with 152 full-color pages (5.5 inches x 8.5 inches)
  • 170 color photos, graphics, featured quotes, and topical boxes to break up the main text every few paragraphs, so it's impossible to open the book to any two-page spread and see only black text (so even those who dislike reading can stay engaged)
  • Published in November 2022, ISBN 9780997810547, retail price $26.99
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