LaFe First Meetings - Digital PDF Download

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Digital PDF version of LaFe First Meetings

Three different sets of discipleship cycles you can use for your first meetings with Latino students on your campus.

Topics included: Beginnings | Family | Purpose

Written by Steve Tamayo 

Every year, thousands of Latino students land on campuses all across the United States. Some of them are coming to campus for the first time. Others transferred this semester. Still others have been on campus for months and years. All of them matter to God. Will these students meet Jesus? Will they connect with meaningful Christian community on campus? We have become convinced that a small amount of extra attention at the right moments can significantly impact the spiritual growth of Latinos on campus. Extra attention can make the difference between a student occasionally attending or becoming a committed member of the community. Extra attention can help a student deepen their relationship with Jesus. Extra attention can push a student to apply the spiritual experiences they’re having in your fellowship to every area of their life: their academic life, their family, and even their vocation. What are we talking about here? What does “extra attention” look like? It can be one- on-one or in a group. It can be a few weeks or their entire college career. It can be a significant part of your ministry or something you do on the side. This resource will give you a jumping off point no matter what “extra attention” looks like for you. God is fully prepared to do a powerful work in the lives of Latino students on your campus, a work that will have a transformative impact not only on their lives but also on your campus, in the Latino community and in the world. God is prepared to do a powerful work. Will you join him? Warmly, Steve Tamayo


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LaFe First Meetings - Digital PDF Download

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