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Digital PDF version of Latina Leaders

Six weeks of Discipleship Cycles to help you, your friends and your students thrive as Latina Leaders by Christina Quintanilla 


As I reflect on my own leadership journey as a Multiracial Latina, much of my leadership development involved following Jesus onto an unpaved path.

The journey of leadership is meant to be taken con familia (with family), so before you start:

  • Gather a group of Latino students who are serious about developing as Kingdom leaders and set a weekly or bi-weekly time to hear the word, respond actively, and debrief in community.
  • Commit to following this resource from start to finish, without skipping or changing any steps. If an application feels too risky, pray in community and ask for help. If you miss an active response or debrief, pick up where you left off instead of moving ahead.
  • Commit to being a familia that is transparent, gracious, and honest with one another. Build trust and be open.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit prepares your heart to receive with openness and teachability.

Familia, if you commit yourself to the Lord for the next six weeks, you will experience His love and power in transformative ways. May you experience His love deeply, risk greatly, and be sent out with full authority as sons and daughters!

Un abrazo fuerte, Christina Quintanilla - InterVarsity LaFe Staff - Central Valley Area, CA


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Latino Leadership - Digital PDF Download

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