Reveal Evangelism Card Deck

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Jesus wants to reveal himself to the skeptics and seekers in your life! Hundreds of students have used these Reveal cards to have powerful faith conversations across the country. There are 4 striking art pieces, paired with quotes from Revelation, that guide conversations toward the beauty and pain of our world.  They are designed to help you start evangelistic Bible discussions and spiritual conversations so that people on your campus can encounter Jesus.  You can use Reveal to plant new evangelistic small groups and communities of faith on campus.  


  • Four Conversation Cards with questions for discussing art and Scripture. They feature 4 art pieces by Shin Maeng paired with Revelation quotes and questions to guide spiritual conversations. Based around Boston, Shin Maeng draws his inspiration from graffiti, comic books, and the pictures he sees as he prays for his city.
  • One 5 Thresholds Quiz Card helps people self-identify where they are on their spiritual journey, and offers next steps towards exploring faith in Jesus. The Gospel Summary on the back of the card helps you share the gospel and invite your friends to follow Jesus. 

The Reveal Cards blend art & faith in order to start spiritual conversations. In addition to intriguing illustrations, there are scripture passages and conversation questions to help students find out what their friends are thinking and guide them as they explore faith in Jesus.

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Reveal Evangelism Card Deck

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